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10 Job Boards You Need to Follow

10 Job Boards You Need to Follow

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Welcome to the weekly edition of our newsletter.  The Pallet Post features conversations with awesomely insightful professionals, jobs from companies they recommend, and some of our own takeaways from building a startup.

When we market our job boards, it's usually to businesses looking to fill positions. And when I write this newsletter, its usually an outlet for my unfettered thoughts on the world of recruiting and how we're impacting it as we build— but this week isn't usual, I'm enjoying a very rare startup vacation, je suis a Paris!, so I thought I'd switch it up from across the Atlantic.

In today's post, I want to display some of our progress— I've been hooting and hollering on the power of niche recruiting marketplaces for the better part of the last three months, so why not tangibly show you what all that means?

We've had the pleasure of launching with so many communities and creators that unfortunately, I couldn't list them all here. If you want, you can find them on our Twitter:

Instead, I'd like to showcase ten of them and give you an avenue to pop from one to the other as you please. Whether you have a job, are actively looking, or enjoying a nice grace period, you can't argue that it might be fun to see what people are literally curating for you. You can probably also agree that if someone cares enough about something to start a job board around it, they might be offering something a lil better than a google search.


Ready to go West? The team at Bankless is on a mission to change the world of finance– the first stop? Getting a job in crypto. Whether you come from a background in engineering, sales, or shitposting memes, you'll find opportunities here to help discover and build the newest frontier in DeFi and crypto.

Hottest Roles 🔥

• Software Engineer @ Arbitrum

• Business Development, Crypto Relationships @ Unstoppable Domains

• Editor & Writer @ Bankless

Important Jobs

Finding your next job and saving the planet shouldn't be mutually exclusive– at its core, that's what you'll find on the Important, Not Important Job Board. Quinn Emmet, a 6-time Webby nominee for the "Best Science Show" has carefully collected roles for everyone "who gives a shit" about saving the future.

Hottest Roles 🔥

• Policy Lead @ Evergreen Action

• Intern in Communications @ Climeworks

• Chief Operating and People Officer @ Code for America

Femke's Job Board

Calling all product designers!  Femke, a product design extraordinaire at WealthSimple, and a Youtube creator focused on all things product design, has gathered some of the best UX/UI design jobs across industries. If you want to level up your design career, or take the next step, this is the place for you!

Hottest Roles 🔥

• Digital Designer @ Forpeople BV

• Senior Product Designer @ Intercom

• Product Designer, Organized Teams @ Dropbox

Gen Z VCs Jobs

While being a member of Gen Z might mean you are naturally good at TikTok, it might also be your ticket to a job in Tech or Venture Capital. The team at Gen Z VC's has compiled a list of the best opportunities at venture backed startups for aspiring, young VC and startup enthusiasts.

Hottest Roles 🔥

• Analyst @ Red Sea Ventures

• Associate @ Digital Horizon

• FinTech Intern @ DCU FinTech Innovation Center

Fintech Today Jobs

Wish you could break into one of the hottest industries in Tech? Look no further than the Fintech Today Job Board. With weekly job drops– you'll find some of the most exclusive opportunities at high-growth Fintech startups.

Hottest Roles 🔥

• Content Marketing Manager (Finance) @ Ramp

• Head of Product @ Stitch

• Strategic Operations - Integrations @ Blend  

Refactoring Jobs

No matter where you are in the world, a job in engineering might be around the corner. Luca Rossi of Refactoring, a newsletter dedicated to covering engineering leadership, has pulled together some of the best opportunities at emerging tech companies looking for remote engineers.

Hottest Roles 🔥

• Director of Engineering, Fintech @ Hubspot

• Senior Frontend Developer @ Firstbase

• Frontend Engineer, Experts @ Zapier


Gregslist is the destination for roles at community-based companies across tech and gaming. Curated by Greg Isenberg, Co-founder, and CEO of Late Checkout, Greg regularly updates his board every Tuesday with the hottest roles for those that believe building robust communities is the future.

Hottest Roles 🔥

• Chief of Staff @ Venwise

• Operations Generalist, On Deck Labs @ On Deck

• Community Manager @ Public

The Hiring Block

Ever dreamed of a reality where following a meme account could lead to your next high-paying gig? Look no further than Liquidity's Search Partner's "Hiring Block." Filled with some of the hottest roles in investment banking, Venture Capital, and Private Equity– the king of finance memes wants to help you find your next job.

Hottest Roles 🔥

• Investment Banking Analyst @ SPP Capital Partners

• Team Strategy Analyst @ NBA

• Associate @ Human Capital

Lenny's Job Board

Lenny's board boasts some of the most sought-after roles in product management. As the undisputed champion of all things product and growth, Lenny has a keen eye for finding amazing companies, one of which is bound to be the next big unicorn.

Hottest Roles 🔥

• Product Manager @ Whatnot

• Director of Product @ Ready Set

• Product Manager @ Runway Financial

Out of Pocket

If you fancy yourself a smart person, or as Nikhil Krishnan would call you "a big brain," you should check out the Out-of-Pocket job board. With a curated list of the top roles in Healthcare and a color scheme right out of Miami Vice, it's impossible to not have a good time (or at least learn something) on this job board.

Hottest Roles 🔥

• Healthcare Investor / Chief of Staff @ Upfront Ventures

• Commercial Lead, Real World Evidence Platform @ Holmusk

• Sales Development Representative @ Waltham Clinic

So there you have it, ten job boards for all different kinds of interests and skills. The best part? If you don't want to revisit this post to find them all, you can easily subscribe to the ones that fit your fancy.

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With this small feature, these email notifications, we're completing the first step in handing agency back over to the job-seeker. You don't want some messy algorithm shooting you jobs a la my recommendations from LinkedIn:

For whatever reason, LinkedIn is really urging me towards a career in the culinary world— something I have absolutely zero interest in (although I do enjoy a nice solo meal from time to time). With our notifications, you only see things you've explicitly chosen, and we make it super easy to change your preferences should they change over time.

Doesn't that sound nice?

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